Every spring as I headed north for the fishing season, I'd pack my bags with careful forethought. The goal: pack light, but don't skimp on the necessities. I’m always looking for single items, with multiple uses. 

We ran with that idea when we created the everyday cloth. 

It’s a large square, big enough to use as a kitchen towel, dry your dishes, throw it over your shoulder, wrap it around the handle of a hot cast iron. It makes for a nice large napkin, covering your whole lap. The absorbancy is fantastic, and it’s feel is delightful.

We made it out of 100% Linen, it is durable and softens with wear. 

Our favorite use is as a scarf. Timeless gingham effortlessly styles any outfit. We also use it for forging from our garden or the wild and tying up handfuls of rosehips to bring home and dry. Another favorite is wrapping up a couple cold brews to stuff deep in the pack for your day hike. Use it as a towel after a spontaneous swim. The idea is to buy an item that can be used for many tasks. 

Bottom line, our Everyday Cloth is made to be used.




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