Looking back...


As we get ready for our second collection this fall, we have been reflecting and looking back at our first shoot we did many moons ago. We decided it would be fun to have these film shots in the archives published in the logbook. We shoot all our own photography and all with a vintage 35mm camera. It is a labor of love this part, but we appreciate the beautiful and raw way film portrays a mood, scene, environment. Each shot feels like gold. It is a special experience and truly makes you slow down.

This next collection we are on the cusp of sharing will first be released in the all natural un-dyed fabric. Looking back at these images of the sea pant in natural being worn so well is getting us excited for this next batch. They will be coming soon! We just need to wait for the film to be developed from our latest shoot!


Ship Supply designs clothing intended to last, and take care of our mother earth through sustainable industry practices.