Salmon Cookout + Friends in Ship Supply

Deep winter in the islands can be long, dark, and rather difficult. But as the years go by, we all have come up with ways to cope with this quiet season. I find one of the best ways to stay inspired and upbeat is to get outside daily and surround yourself with good company.

So in late February after a long rainy week, Ana and I eyed a clear day in the forecast. We decided to gather our friends for a salmon cookout to enjoy the winter sunshine. We also thought it would be a fun excuse to photograph all our friends who have supported us with Ship Supply this past year. Such a treat seeing so many of our friends wearing Ship Supply garments and all at the same time!

So long winter, hello spring!

x Lissa


Friends above in the F/W Sea Pant and Curtis Top.

Favorite Ship Supply Tool - the Otter Mercator knife, photographed above.


Ship Supply designs clothing intended to last, and take care of our mother earth through sustainable industry practices.