Summer in the Garden

Sweet summer harvesting, juicy strawberries, endless zucchini, and bountiful flowers. 

Each year my garden becomes a little more wild. Many of my herbs and flowers are volunteers from the seasons past. The sunflower seeds are scattered about by the birds. Each year new plants sprout and I can't help but let them grow wherever they pop up, their bright yellow blossoms smiling at anyone who passes by. 

Ana (cofounder of Ship Supply) with her daughters is photographed here wearing the Sea Pant in Driftwood.

“I love that I can spend my mornings working in the garden comfortably wearing my Sea Pants and then run to town for errands, and on to dinner/events with friends, all the while feeling stylish, comfortable, and eco friendly.” - Ana Zautke

Ship Supply designs clothing intended to last, and take care of our mother earth through sustainable industry practices.