Although the cultivation area of cotton covers only 3% of the planet’s agricultural land, its production consumes an estimated 16% of all insecticides and 7% of all herbicides. (Greenpeace 2017)

The journey for our fabric started years ago. We set out to find a durable, thick organic cotton for our first item; a workwear inspired pants. A pair of pants made for our rugged island lifestyle and beyond! We have always believed that material is everything in designing an item. We wanted to use a fabric that we truly loved and felt good to stand behind. Even if it has meant a delay in launching our first item.

So we began our search for our dream organic cotton canvas. We quickly learned that organic cotton is often grown abroad and then shipped across the world. We knew we did not want to be apart of that system. We care too deeply about our planet. We wanted something produced entirely in the U.S. We wanted to be apart of something new, apart of a new movement of designers who really question how clothing is being made and with full transparency every step of the way. Everyday we get inundated with sad news about the devastating effects of global warming. So the hard work began to search for an organic fabric grown and milled in the U.S.   

After months of research we finally got in touch with farmer in Texas named Jack, a cotton farm growing organic cotton! We then were put into contact with a mill in South Carolina who would begin weaving the raw cotton into fabric. After receiving multiple fabric samples we decided we needed something a little different than what they usually offer. So we began working with the mill directly and building a strong relationship with them to create a custom fabric just for Ship Supply for our first pair of pants. A 12 ounce bull denim twill, sturdy yet soft at the same time. We are so excited to share this fabric with you and finally see these pants come to life! We hope you will be apart of this new movement of “slow fashion” and supporting designers who use ethically produced fabrics.

Ship Supply designs clothing intended to last, and take care of our mother earth through sustainable industry practices.