Guided by their shared upbringing on a remote island in the Pacific Northwest, and inspired by a deep love and respect for the sea, childhood friends Ana Zautke and Lissa Snapp founded Ship Supply in 2018. 


A combination of personal history and real-life necessity, Ship Supply blends the founders’ personal experiences. Lissa, the daughter of a shipwright, grew up visiting her father’s shop, amongst boat skeletons and wood shavings; and Ana, who for many years worked on fishing vessels in Alaska's embraced a uniform of diesel-saturated coveralls, typically coated in a layer of fish scales.


Having lived and worked among the elements, the two women share a deep understanding of the importance of well functioning garments, often only available in the men’s department. Here, their quest to design a pair of pants that would satisfy the need for everyday functionality, while also flattering a wider range of bodies begun. And thus, the Sea Pant was born. Expanding their aesthetic and appreciation of beautiful and functioning design, Ship Supply seeks to bring the classic maritime style to a selection of enduring objects and Supplies that Ana and Lissa use daily.