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Botanical Perfume - Ula Botanic


Ula Botanic - Botanical Perfume

Made on Orcas Island by Elie Barausky, the herbalist behind Ula Botanic.

Vetiver Scent: Vetiver and hinoki ground this fragrance with smoke and damp earth. Tansy and coriander bring notes of warm spice, and green herbs. Groundedness that unfolds into something soft and elegant. The depth of the woods not yet explored.

Rose Scent: Bulgarian Rose is the heart note. Sandalwood and ylang-ylang give sweetness and depth. Pink grapefruit adds brightness and clary sage brings herbaceous notes of fresh hay.

Seer Scent: A union of Patchouli, resinous amber, dark earth, warm vanilla, blood orange, and dry wood. Empowering, giving rise to a sense of calm and magnetism.

Jasmine Scent: Elegant and intoxicating, Jasmine is a narcotic aphrodisiac with heart notes of soft white floral and violet-green leaf. Harmonized with orange blossom and grounded with notes of warm dry wood and earth. Golden saffron brings the feeling of late summer days, walking through soft blonde grass.

Ingredients: jojoba oil, and a blend of essential oils and absolutes

10 ml glass roll-on bottle

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